Not everyone is aware that surfing the Internet may pose a threat to one's security and private status. How can it happen? Well, if one is browsing the Internet without using any proxy, websites require the users to leave their contact information such as calling card and their computer information. This makes most users uncertain when browsing the Internet. The web proxies act as the intermediate between the user and rest of the Web; thus, the user would become anonymous while surfing the Internet through the proxy. This is made possible because the user's request to visit a certain web page is not directly sent to the website but through the proxy, using the user's personal data. The web proxies will then send the request to the website but this time, instead of using the user's personal information, it uses the proxy server's information. In this way, you can surf the Internet in much safer way.

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Aside from a safer way of Internet browsing, web proxies also offer the user a faster mode of Internet surfing. Web proxies catalyse Internet browsing by providing users cache web pages. Web cache is a process of avoiding system and loading lag the Internet connection by temporarily storing a collection of data such as image and web pages, in a location where the user can access them faster than the normal pace. With over millions of people browsing the Internet, the connection may sometimes lag or slow down but with the use of web proxies, Internet service lagging will be fully avoided.

Now that the Internet has dominated the world of communication and has also become another outlet of entertainment, more and more people demand better and safer means of Internet surfing. Good thing, the technology has come with a solution, through the use of web proxies. Web proxies ensure that every user can now browse the Internet safer and faster.